EJS project (e-justice service of documents)

Project co-financed by the European Commission from November 2011 to November 2013, the EJS project brings together 6 members (national representative bodies of judicial officers) : France (leader), Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Hungary, Estonia and one partner: The French Ministry of justice.

The EJS project pursues one major objective : to create an electronic platform to secure cross-border exchange of documents in Europe between judicial officers.

In a first time, the project will be implemented under Regulation (EC) No 1393/2007 on the service in Member States of judicial and extrajudicial documents in civil and commercial matters in cross-border situations in order to exchange acts and forms, in a dematerialized and secure way, between judicial officers who have been designated transmitting and serving agencies by their Member States (Belgium, France, Luxemburg, Netherlands).

This project will also lead to develop a better knowledge of the dematerialized processes related to the judicial officers’ practice in various Member States of the European Union.

Within this project, and thanks to the partnership of the Ministry of Justice and the support of the European Commission, the EJE consortium has signed a partnership agreement with the E-codex project last 20 February 2013, since those projects co-funded by the European Commission :

  • follow the same objective: to improve the interoperability between national systems of electronic communication, for the development of E-justice in Europe ;
  • pursue the need to ensure better coordination and full interoperability of technical solutions proposed by the two European projects.

The European judicial officers welcome this constructive and efficient partnership, which moreover brings to the project e-CODEX a missing link: the transmission of documents between judicial officers in application of EU procedures, first and foremost the ‘European order for payment, pilot project of e-CODEX.Please see the press release on the signature of the partnership agreement EJS / e-CODEX, by clicking here:/sites/default/files/imce/communiqueen_0.pdf

The European chamber of judicial officers is in charge of the sustainability and development of the EJS project since October 31st, 2013.