The European Bailiffs’ Foundation (EUBF), created in January 2018, aims above all to:

(i) coordinate and participate in projects co-financed by the European Union and;

(ii) ensure promotion and sustainability of the tools developed in the framework of these projects (e-Justice, training, studies impact of EU regulations);

(iii) follow EU legislative discussions and promote bailiffs’ interests

In this way, EUBF continues the activities of the CEHJ (project leader in “Comparative study on the application of Brussels I bis”,”Find a Bailiff 2″ and partner of the “European Judicial Training for Court Staff and Bailiffs 1 and 2″,”Court Database 2″ and “Me-CODEX I”).

While EUBF carries out projects aimed at improving the cooperation of enforcement authorities in Europe, it also collaborates with other legal professions (magistrates, clerks, notaries, lawyers…) to facilitate the free movement of enforceable titles in Europe. Moreover, this interprofessionalism reinforces the mutual understanding between the different actors in the EU civil procedures.

Thus, the projects carried by EUBF aim to offer simple and effective technological tools to bailiffs/enforcement authorities to strengthen cross-border cooperation in Europe. They allow bailiffs to
contribute to the consolidation of the European area of ​​justice for the benefit of citizens and businesses. By reinforcing its role at European level, the bailiff is thus reinforcing its position as a key
player in an efficient and user-friendly justice in Europe.

The President of the European Bailiffs’ Foundation is Patrick Sannino and its activities are executed by its secretariat.