2 new projects won for CEHJ !

  • 1 new training project


The aim of the European project “European Judicial training for Court staff and Bailiffs II” is in line with the previous one, which results were very welcomed during the closing conference of 23-24 February in Lisbon.

Face-to-face training sessions provided by EIPA-Luxembourg, new e-learning courses and study visits will be offered in the coming months ! In addition to training in English legal vocabulary and application of European regulations, we will focuse on European forms through practical workshops and specific e-learning modules.

The project, which will last 18 months with a budget of approximately 500,000 euros, gathers the following partners: the Ecole Nationale des Greffes, represented by the GIP Justice International Cooperation (France), the Centro de Estudios Jurídicos (Spain) , The Institut de Formation Judiciaire (Belgium), the Direcção Geral da Administração da Justiça (Portugal), the European Institute of Public Administration (Luxembourg) and the European Chamber of Bailiffs.


  • 1 new cooperation project

The aim of this project, which brings together the following partners: Ministries of Justice of Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Slovenia, the Netherlands and the CEHJ, is to update the European Judicial Atlas accessible on the European Commission’s e-Justice portal. For the record, the European Judicial Atlas provides the contact details of the different competent entities in the Member states for each European regulation.

The overall budget for the Court Database II project is € 337,888.21 and the European funding allocated to the CEHJ is € 14,885.

The CEHJ will provide, within the framework of this project, the electronic contact details of the competent Bailiffs in Europe. To this end, the CEHJ will rely on the work performed by the European project “Find a Bailiff II”, project that has started on 1St January 2017 and leads by the CEHJ.